Friday, January 16, 2009

Starting Off....

So to initiate my entry to the world of blogging, I wanted to start with a quick update on life. 
Winter break typically is a time of boredom. What can you expect when you are running around crazy during the semester. But this break I have found many opportunities to do new things. I started with learning some computer application programming when I was in the running for a Program Analyst internship, turns out, it is veryyy boring. Shocking. 
So as I hunted the market for my dream job, I actually sold a print at the Paier Fall Art Show. It was a platinum palladium print that I had done on Arches watercolor paper. To all you fellow photo nerds that basically means that I will never  recreate that same print again, due to the different results you get from using platinum solutions. But it still was a great event over my winter. 
Also, I have recently started working for David Apuzzo Photography, an old friend of mine who opened his own studio & gallery. I get to book the shows for the gallery, which is a great way of meeting more and more artists. I also have booked myself and my friend Lauren Welch for a joint show. Lauren is an illustrator, and me being a photographer, we wanted to do some pieces incorporating both of our work. I will be making prints of people's faces on a rice type paper, and she will be painting intertwining scenery around the faces. Its still a primitive idea, but we are very excited. The show will be August 28th 2009. 
I am actually excited for the semester to begin again. I have some great opportunities to produce more complex work. On top of the show I am doing with Lauren I also will be part of the Paier Spring Art Show, April 24-26 2009, and the Senior Degree Project show, including only photography seniors (all 3 of us!). That should be in early May. 
I'm getting booked up, but enjoying every moment of it.

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